Water Writes: Hawaii from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.


A video documenting the creation of the largest aerosol-based mural in the state of Hawaii. This project was life-changing for all involved. Hopefully the video will show you why.

Domaine de Canton from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.


Domaine de Canton sent me on an all expenses paid trip to French St. Martin in the Caribbean to shoot their competition. Amazing hotel. Amazing drinks. Loved every minute of it, even though one of my cameras and lenses were stolen en-route. One thing I learned during this job: I can keep up with bartenders, drink for drink. Another thing I learned during this trip: never try to keep up with bartenders, drink for drink.

Alex Ikeda: The Creation of a Song from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.


Another Showdown in Chinatown submission, which won the championship round for 2010. This features the multi-talented Aly Ishikuni, one of my closest friends. Believe it or not, this is the first time she’s ever acted in anything.

The prompt for the film competition was to create a fictional homage to someone who creatively inspires you.

Alex Ikeda is currently screening at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, which is a place Asians go to watch movies made by other Asians.

Castle Medical Center: "For the Kids" 30s from [enLight Studios] on Vimeo.


I wrote, DP’d, and co-edited this spot. The CG is by Bluewater Multimedia. We work in the same office, where we surround ourselves with a lot of unruly animals, carcinogenic snack foods, and single malt scotch. Come visit us sometime.

Alt/Air EP Release Party | "10Tei" Music Video from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.


Aly’s super talented. This is a music video I made for her out of one of her live performances. Go buy some of her music.